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About Us


We believe that art isn't just for hanging on your wall, it's also can be something that you touch and use everyday.  Making art that brings a smile onto your face has been a passion of ours for over 20 years.  We love to explore the many different ways to combine and shape new materials and transform them and put the Fun into Functional.  We look for ways to take ceramics or glass and make them into new and exciting shapes.


The interpretation of luck in cultures across the world has intrigued us. The different totems and characters used to represent or bring luck allow us to express luck in our art in a wide variety of shapes and designs  From the simple four leaf clover to Lono the Polynesian God of Luck we incorporate a piece of luck in each piece we make.


We have been lucky enough to have sold our paintings, pottery and glass all over world and enjoy being an "Art-O-Mat" artist, also EBSQ Artist of the month and member of the Maryland State Arts Council. We love functional art, things you use everyday that add beauty, joy and a smile to your everyday life.


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