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Original Graffiti POP Art

You can purchase unique pieces of art by EBSQ Artist of the month and member of the Maryland State Arts Council Paul Lake. You may have seen my work in different galleries from Maine to North Carolina or in VA's Torpedo Art Factory & Artomatics around the world. Each original graffiti painting starts off by drawing a clear transparent film and then hand cut with an excato blade that takes around 20 hours, then added to an exciting, bright background with spray paint and detailed with small brush and acrylic to make a fun, and exciting, original piece of art.

These original pieces of art are multi-medium using acrylic and spray paint. Unlike some mass produced cheap imports that don't come with the stretchers and cost $40 more, my art is ready to hang and one of a kind. The painting is signed on the back and comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity).

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